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Well it’s been a wonderful week! Especially if you like to see cute black girls getting spanked. This weeks there’s two sites featuring black girl spankings. Anna Sherwood is gets spanked otk by her gym coach and Ivy Sherwood endures a bare hand spanking from mom. These two ebony beauties receive hard hand spankings otk on their cute black bottoms. Also don’t forget to pick up your invitation to the sexy lesbian spanking party that been caught on camera! Veronica Ricci, Koko Kitten, Courtney Shea, Madison Martin and Pandora Blake will be in attendance and you won’t want to miss these sexy lesbian otk hand spankings. So take a sit back and relax…

First off we have Anna Grant, the newest model at She’s a beautiful black gymnast with a tight athletic body that’s well toned for her hours spent practicing at the gym. Her coach, Earl Grey, thinks her routine could use some improvement. He gives her a “motivational spanking” to instill some extra discipline. Anna gets spanked over her coach’s knee on her tight black bottom. She takes a hard hand spanking on her bare ass! As this dark skinned babe take a flurry of swats she’s lectured and motivated to perform!

Anna Grant Spanked Black Girl

Gymnast Anna Grant bare her bottom for a well-deserved lesson in timekeeping. Cute black gymnast Anna Grant, our latest newbie, discovers that a well-spanked bottom is what Earl Grey calls “motivation” – and she’s in Gymnast Hell for a week! Her tight booty soon warms up under his hand, despite her constant struggling.

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Here’s another cute black teen spanked on the bare by mom! Ivy Sherwood gets some bare bottom discipline in this mother/daughter spanking scene from Ivy’s been a naughty girl and he strict mother must administer an otk spanking on her unruly daughter. Her bouncy black bum gets spanked hard by mom’s bare hand and then with leather strap. Ivy Sherwood is a cute teenager. We all know teenage girls need strict domestic discipline to turn them into proper ladies.

Ivy Sherwook Black Girl Spanking

Ivy Sherwood is a tiny, amazingly pretty young lady with a nice round bottom that got spanked often when she was growing up, often by her mom (who is played sternly by Lana Miller). Ivy shares great details, and two of her spankings are re-enacted.

Ivy Sherwood Black Girl Spanked

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Welcome to the sexy lesbian spanking party! Next up is another update from the Clare Fonda Network. This time with a lesbian spanking scene from My Spanking Roommate. So the setup is Pandora Blake is the lawyer for two girls that are moving in together as roommates. The ladies need to make an “roommates agreement” and need some legal council to mediate. Madison Martin decides that spankings need to be included for bad behavior and proceeds to take her new roomie Courtney Shea over her knee as Pandora watches! Young blonde Courtney takes firm handed swats on her round bottom. Then Courtney decides it’s time for Madison to get a spanking. So she bends her over and issues a bare bottom hand spanking otk on her tanned ass! The girls haven’t forgotten about Pandora. It’s her turn next as the roommates gang spank her over panties then on her bare ass. Before finally giving her a hairbrush spanking she won’t soon forget!

Lesbian Spanking Party

Pandora Blake is mediating Madison and Courtney’s new agreement to be roommates, which of course includes the two ladies spanking each other. But after both have red, warm bottoms, they decide that it’s Pandora’s turn. They grab her, drag her to the sofa where they throw her over the back of it and begin taking turns spanking the lawyer with great pleasure, even using a wooden hairbrush.

Lesbian Panty Spanking With Hairbrush

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And wrapping up this weekend spanking update is the latest episode at Spanking Sorority Girls. Another hot lesbian spanking site from the Clare Fonda Network. This one features the banging redhead Veronica Ricci, a former penthouse pet and absolute bombshell, and Koko Kitten, a petite little sexy asian that purrs with sexuality. The girls have made a pact that they’ll watch and monitor each other’s diets. When Veronica compromises her weight-watching plan, Koko steps in and gives her a good old fashioned otk spanking on her bare bum! Koko gives Veronica a bottom burning lesbian hand spanking for breaking her diet. She punishes her roommate with an over the knee spanking as she stuffs food into her mouth to drive her point home!

Lesbian Hand Spanking

Lesbian OTK Spanking

Koko hopes that this lesbian spanking punishment will keep her roommate’s diet plans on track. But Veronica has different ideas considering Koko’s blazing red handprint is left on her bottom! Veronica takes revenge as she overpowers poor little Koko and spanks her little asian ass!

Veronica Ricci had asked Koko Kitten to help her monitor how much she eats. Koko catches Veronica eating junk food in the kitchen so she must punish her. She puts Veronica over her knee and spanks her while lecturing her about not eating too much. But Veronica decides Koko must be spanked, too, and she even spanks some food right into Koko’s bottom, leaving it red, sore, and messy.

Interracial Lesbian Spanking

Lesbian Asses Spanked

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So that’s all today for this week’s black girl spankings and sexy lesbian spankings. Stay tuned and check back often for midweek spanking updates. Also any comments or questions are always welcome here. I do check comments regularly and will always answer back. Check out the official twitter page @SpankingAssBlog and let me know what you think!

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