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So there’s been a lot going on with the site. Last week there’s was a database crash and corrupted backups caused tons of data loss. Boo-hoo right? So I took this as an opportunity to move the blog to a new shorter domain. Also this a good time to re-format the entire blog. This site has been up since 2006 and I’ve keep some of the older content like the Spanking Flash Games. However many things have change since my beginnings as a spanking blogger. Even though I could replace much of the blog posts from the early years I feel like there’s really no benefit to you the reader. I’m still not exactly sure of the new direction but how about we start with the weekend spanking updates…

Let’s start with the latest update from Punished Brats. Two teen girls, Adriana Evans and Mandie Rae, are caught taking some sexy selfies that they can post on social media or snapchat sext the boys from school. Adriana’s dad comes home early for work and finds his teenage daughter and her friend taking pictures in sexy poses. He is very displeased with this kind of slutty behavior. Dad know that he must discipline his daughter immediately. So he puts his misbehaving teenager over his knee and spanks her bare ass right in front of her friend! Mandie watches as Adriana gets a humiliating otk spanking from her daddy. She laughs while taking pictures of Adriana’s selfie spanking!

One day Adriana and Mandie were taking risque pictures of each other with which to impress their male classmates. Suddenly, Adriana’s father walks in and finds these actions rightfully disturbing. He proceeds to give his daughter a spanking this sort of behavior would warrant. Instead of being horrified, Mandie found this hilarious and made fun of her friend’s predicament; snapping pictures in amusement.

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Next up Chessie Kay gets her first wheelbarrow spanking at AAA Spanking! Her sexy British bottom is exposed as she’s spanked in the most humiliating spanking position. Chessie brags about joining the “Wheelbarrow Spanking Club”. But when it comes time for her to be spanked she wishes that she hadn’t! Three camera angles catch all the action including her facial expression and reactions as she gets spanked with bare hand then with the dreaded bathbrush! Looking so cute in her cheerleader uniform, Chessie hugs her stuffed teddy bear close thought her humiliating wheelbarrow spanking.


Chessie appeared in this revealing & intimate position as she took her first ever “Wheelbarrow Spanking”. This is your chance to see what is one of our best ever wheelbarrow spanking films to date with 3 superb camera angles to capture her 12 minute ordeal in this awkward position with some great close up facial reactions. You will not miss what is going on where her tight butt is stuck up in the air and rather inviting trouble! Chessie grabbed hold of her Teddy Bear, wishing that she hadn’t boasted about being able to easily join the “Triple A Wheelbarrow Club” – She got a harder than expected hand spanking and also received a leather paddling and some very stinging strokes of the dreaded Bathbrush (which was ideal and perfect for accuracy in this position!) Check out what is sure to be one of our most popular wheelbarrow films to date – out now in full HD!

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And last but certainly not least, Northern Spanking introduces new spanking model Harley Havik! Cute blonde Harley is a student of Miss Alex Reynolds. Now Ms Reynolds has a penchant for administering discipline on all of her young students. When she gives young Harley an assignment she expects it to be completed on time. She checks in on her and finds everything is wrong. Harley is completing her tasks in the most inefficient way possible. Now what’s a teacher to do? Miss Reynolds orders Harley to stand up from her desk and remove her panties for a taste of discipline with the cane! After she properly warms Harley Havik’s cute bottom with a bare hand spanking. She grabs her punishment cane and proceeds to caning her bottom until her bottom is nice and red. However Harley’s punishment isn’t over yet, Ms Reynolds orders her to complete her assignment with her panties down around her knees for some added humiliation!


Here’s what the good folks at Northern Spanking have to say about Harley’s introductory spanking…

We are proud to introduce a brand new spanking model: Harley Havik. Harley is twenty five and very enthusiastic about spanking and kink in general. She did her first ever spanking shoot with us recently and really enjoyed herself, so you can look forward to seeing much more from her in the future. Harley’s first film is coming soon. She is a truly lovely girl and we are proud to have her on our site.

To let you get to know her a little better, lets look in on her typing lessons. Harley is not particularly enthusiastic about that! Really, neither is her teacher, Miss Alex Reynolds, a secretary who has taken a couple of students to get a little extra spending money. She is not particularly patient with these girls, especially when Harley insists on typing in the least effective way possible.

Fortunately, Alex is also ready to prepare young Harley for discipline in the workplace, and when her patience is stretched too thin, she takes Harley firmly in hand by bending her over the chair and giving her a bare bottom spanking. Unsatisfied with these results, she then orders Harley across the desk for a few strokes of the cane, before sending her back to typing with her panties around her knees. Fingers on the home keys, now, young lady!

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So that’s all I have for you readers at the moment but I will surely be bringing you more updates before the weekend is over! So check back soon for more weekend spanking updates!

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