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It’s been a hectic few weeks but I’m back in action. I’ve been checking out the latest updates from the Clare Fonda Network and I gotta say that I’m really impressed. Now I’m a huge fan of lesbian spanking and seeing sexy girls spanking each other is my bread and butter. Here’s some pictures from my favorite scenes…

Alyssa Reese and Star Bound in “Blackmail Spanking

Lesbian Sorority Girls Alyssa Resse and Star Bound

At Spanking Sorority Girls…Alyssa Reese still has a sore bottom from the last spanking that her roommate and lesbian lover Star had given her. Star is not supposed to be drinking. When Alyssa catches her with a bottle of wine. Uh-oh. Star is stuck in an awful predicament when Alyssa blackmails her into taking a spanking with no retaliation. She threatens to tell all of the other sorority sisters if she doesn’t get her way. Star concedes and allows Alyssa give her a good hard spanking on her bare bottom. After Star’s exposed cheeks are sufficiently reddened, Alyssa gives Star a few kisses before giving her another 10 whacks with a wooden spoon from the kitchen!

Lesbian Hand Spanking In KitchenLesbian Sorority Girl Spanked

Kitchen Spanking Lesbians

See the full video at

Spanking Sorority Girls Videos


Next up at Spanked Callgirls…Nyssa Nevers gets a hard otk spanking from Fiona Murphy when teases her too much. Fiona retaliates when Nyssa’s taunts become too much for her to bear. She’s been spanked recently by Veronica and Nyssa finds this to be a hilarious situation. But Fiona has had more that enough and vows to make her pay. She gives Nyssa a sound spanking on her round bottom. Nyssa fights and squirms as she gets hard smacks on her bare bum! Eventually she breaks free and turns the tables on Fiona. Nyssa gives her a revenge spanking that won’t soon be forgotten!

Nyssa Nevers Spanked

Fiona Murphy Spanking Nyssa NeversNyssa Nevers Spanking Fiona Murphy

Fiona Murphy Spanked

Visit to see the entire spanking video

Spanked Callgirls Videos


Courtney Shea Spanks Persephone

At My Spanking Roommate…Courtney Shea and new roomie Persephone have some spanking fun. Persephone is a tiny and petite girl. She stands less than 5 feet tall and weighs under 90 lbs. She’s no match for Courtney physically. So when Ms. Shea decides it’s time to break-in her new roommate, she easily overpowers her. Putting little Persephone over her knee and whacking her bottom with a bare hand. Unfortunately for Courtney, Persephone packs a lot sting in her small package and gives Courtney a taste of her own medicine and spanks her right back!

Lesbian Roommate Spanked OTK

Perssphone Spanks Courtney Shea

Lesbian Spanked Bottoms

See the full video episode at

My Spanking Roommate Videos


Now for my favorite lesbian spanking video of the week! This one features the always beautiful Gigi Allens and a new girl over at Girl Spanks Girl, Goldie who is getting her very first spanking!!!

Goldie Spanks Gigi Allens

Goldie as rubbed the magic lamp and the most gorgeous genie has appeared. She’s been given three wishes. HEr first wish is to have a make-out session with her! The girls kiss and massage each others bodies. When they’re done Goldie asks her if she was the best she’d ever had. Gigi answers that unfortunately she’s not. Goldie is not happy with this response and use her second wish to give Gigi a good spanking! She spanks her over the knee on her curvy round bottom. Whack, whack, whack. Smacking her exposed cheeks leaves her bottom well reddened and sore. Once she finished spanking the sexy genie, she uses her final wish. Goldie wishes that she gets “everything she deserves”! And her genie gives her exactly that…an otk spanking on her bare ass!!

Gigi Allens SpankedGoldie Spanked

Goldie’s last wish is that she gets everything she deserves. Easy, she deserves a spanking from the angry Genie and that’s what she gets.

OTK Lesbian Spanking

See Goldie and Gigi Allens in “Careful What You Wish For” at!

Girl Spanks Girl Videos

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