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House Sitter Spanking Karen Hughes

Karen Hughes Spanked OTK

Bare bottom hairbrush spanking

Karen Hughes spanked red and sore

House Sitter – Sexy blonde Karen Hughes must take a final spanking when she quits her job. She sick and tired of getting spanked by her strict boss Johnny Stockton. She’s had enough but he’s got one final surprise for her. She has to choose between getting not getting paid or going over-the-knee one last time!


Lesbian Schoolgirl Spanking at

Inappropriate Conduct – Naughty schoolgirls, Dani Daniels and Belinda Lawson, get into a flirty game of spank my bottom. Belinda wants to be punished for stealing and Dani is happy to oblige. She seductively spanks her ass leaving her bottom cherry red and sore at Firm Hand Spanking.

Topless schoolgirl strapping at FirmHand Spanking

Topless lesbian spanks schoolgirl at Firm Hand Spanking

Lesbian Spanking at School from FHS

Topless Dani Daniels straps Belinda Lawson red raw before getting it on!
“If you really want to impress me, bend over, put your hands on your knees and wait for me.” Super hot Dani Daniels flirts with sorority sister Belinda Lawson as she asks to be punished for taking another girl’s clothes. Dani lays on the tawse with cheek quivering authority, making her bare breasts bounce as much as Belinda’s red, sore ass! Epic.

Wife Spanking Stacy Stockton at

Truly Madly Deeply – Naughty wife Stacy Stockton learns a painful lesson from her husband. She’s disciplined for overspending her hubby’s money and gets her round bottom spanked red with her own belt in this sexy wife spanking video from

Naughty wife spanked with belt at FirmHand Spanking

Belt spanking naughty wife at firm hand spanking

Stacy Stockton Wife Spanking at FHS

A super-red bottom teaches Stacy Stockton the value of money!
Her top emblazoned with ‘Whack!’ and ‘Ka-Pow!’ Stacy Stockton bends over for a well-deserved spanking and belting from husband Jonny in Truly Madly Deeply. A sore ass should teach her not to get a new credit card when they’re already broke. Will it?

Kylee Anders Spanked at

Au Pair – Naughty young blonde teen, Kylee Anders, gets a bottom burning spanking with a riding crop when she gets caught sneaking into the boss’s bedroom. Kylee’s job as the live-in babysitter for John Stockton allows her certain privileges but there are also certain rules she must follow. When she’s caught breaking the house rules John see fit to administer a painful disciplinary spanking to his babysitter’s young bottom. See the full babysitter spanking video at Firm Hand Spanking!

Blonde teen Kylee Anders spanking at FHS

Bare Bottom Spanking for babysitter Kylee Anders at FirmHand Spanking

Blonde teen spanked cherry red at Firm Hand Spanking


Alison Miller Spanked with Leather Paddle at

Denim DivaAlison Miller is at it again. She’s being a total brat with the rep from the designer jean company that she’s modeling for. He’s had enough of her causing problems and gives her a sound spanking on her bare bottom with a leather paddle. Let’s see if a resound spanking and a hot, cherry red bottom will change her attitude at Firm Hand Spanking

Diva Alison Miller gets her Bare Bottom Paddled Bight Red at Firm Hand Spanking

Hard Paddling leaves Alison Miller's hot bottom red and sore at FirmHand Spanking

Cherry Red Bottom for Alison Miller at


Sorority strapping with Dani Daniels and Melanie Taylor at Firm Hand Spanking

Sorority SistersMelanie Taylor gets a bottom burning strapping form her sorority sister, Dani Daniels. Revenge is so sweet when Dani lays the leather strap across Melanie’s already sore bottom. Her sorority strapping punishment starts over denim shorts, then over panties and finally on the bare bottom! See the full series of sorority sisters spanking videos at FirmHand Spanking!

Dani Daniels straps her sorority sister Melanie Taylor at

Melanie Taylor strapped on the bare bottom by sorority sister Dani Daniels at FirmHand Spanking

Sorority Girl Strapping Punishment at FirmHandSpanking


Belinda Lawson Spanked For Inappropriate Conduct At Firm Hand Spanking

Inappropriate Conduct – Senior sorority schoolgirl, Dani Daniels, spanks Belinda Lawson with a ping-pong paddle when she commits a serious rule violation. Sexy blonde Belinda has skipped her track practice and hot senior Dani has been charged by her sorority sisters to administer discipline for the infraction. Belinda gets bent over and spanked over panties and on bare bottom. See the full sorority spanking video at

Dani Daniels Spanks Belinda Lawson at

Wedgie Spanking with Ping-Pong Paddle at FirmHand

Bare Bottom Paddling for Belinda Lawson at Firm Hand

Schoolgirl Cornertime Punishment at Firm Hand Spanking

Hot sorority spanking as Dani Daniels fires up Belinda Lawson’s bare bottom!

Cutting track practice is a serious sorority offense for Belinda Lawson. Hot senior Dani Daniels knows how to improve her commitment: spank her bare ass with a ping pong paddle! Inappropriate Conduct turns hotter as Dani turns down Belinda’s come-on…


Amelia Rutherford Paddled Over Panties at Firm Hand Spanking

Getting To The Bottom Of ItAmelia Rutherford wants to feel what it’s like to get a real school paddling. Her husband gives her the prefect opportunity with 16 swats with a heavy wooden school paddle. See this naughty housewife live her school spanking fantasy at Firm Hand Spanking!

Panty Paddling at

Hard School Paddling at FHS

Amelia Rutherford Paddled Hard at FirmHand Spanking

Youchie! 16 swats with a school paddle burns Amelia Rutherford’s perfect booty!

Domestic discipline doesn’t get any hotter than Getting to the Bottom of It. Amelia Rutherford wants to experience a genuine school paddling. Hubby Earl Grey is happy to set her perfect butt alight with 5 on jeans and 11 on her bare bottom. That stings!


Alison Miller Spanked in Denim Diva at Firm Hand Spanking

Denim Diva – Fiery redhead, Alison Miller gets her bare bottom spanked hard. She has a modeling contract with certain conditions that she must wear a specific brand of jeans. Unfortunately Alison is quite the diva. She refuses to adhere to her contract and wear the clothing she’s supposed to. The owner of the modeling agency knows exactly how to deal with bratty behavior like this…a bare bottom otk spanking always gets results! See the full bare bottom spanking video at FirmHand Spanking!

Alison Miller Spanked OTK On Bare Bottom at

Bare Bottom OTK Spanking at FHS

Alison Miller Spanked On The Bare at FirmHand Spanking

Bouncing bare bottom soundly spanked for not fulfilling her modeling contract!

It’s simple! Alison Miller’s contract states she must wear a certain brand of jeans. But this Denim Diva doesn’t seem to get it – until Patrick Bateman puts her across his knee and spanks her bare bottom long and hard! Awesome cheek-jiggling slow-motion replay.



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