Real Spankings Network Updates

I’m always pleased to see the anything from the Real Spankings Network. Michael Masterson knows exactly how to effectively punish naughty teen girls and he does it perfectly! Here’s some of the most recent updates the Real Spankings and Real Spankings Institute.

Naughty Maids Punished with Hard Paddling

Maid Uniform Spanking Punishment

Two Maids Punished – Kiki and Syrena have gotten themselves into some serious trouble when they fail to finish their cleaning duties. The girls are humiliated when their breasts and bottoms are exposed but their punishment isn’t over yet. First Kiki is bent over the stool and spanked on her bare bottom. Syrena holds her hands and keeps her in position for her punishment. But if Syrena thinks this will keep her from being punished she’s got another thing coming because it’s her turn next. The girls dressed in their maid uniforms switch places and it’s Syrena’s turn to bend over the stool with Kiki holding her hands as she gets a hard punishment!

Betty gets her bare bottom spanked during spanking game!

Spanking Game leaves Jordyn's bare bottom sore and red!

Spanking Game! The Hard Way – Jordyn and Betty are introduced to a new spanking game! The girls take turns rolling the dice and whatever number turns up is how many spankings they must take on their bare bottoms! This spanking game leaves both girls with very sore and red bottoms!

Cheerleader Uniform Spanking For Monica

Monica’s Cheerleader Punishment – Monica gets summoned to Miss Betty’s office because of her recent bad behavior. Miss Betty has more than a few choice words for this naughty cheerleader. Before long Monica is bent over the desk with her cheerleader uniform skirt pulled up and her bottom exposed for a hard spanking!

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Here’s some of the latest updates from Real Spankings Institute:

Kajira's schoolgirl caning

Kajira is bent over and gets 14 hard strokes of the cane in her school uniform at

Schoolgirl Bobbi Punished by Dean

Schoolgirl Bobbi gets sent to the dean for dress code violation and finds out just how seriously her new school takes discipline!

Monica Caught With Cellphone and Spanked

Miss Betty is in charge of disciplining young Monica. The dean has gone home for the day but he’s still in charge. He instructs Miss Betty to spank Monica with the special cheek-to-cheek paddle when she caught with a cellphone!

Kajira Cornertime Punishment

Kajira’s bad behavior earns her a hard spanking punishment with a prison strap that leaves her bottom sore and burning red!


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