Sorority Sister Spankings

sorority sister spankings for dani daniels

College freshman Dani Daniels learns the harsh realities of ‘Greek Life’ in Sorority Sister Spankings!

Melanie Taylor is senior girl at the sorority house. She’s in charge of disciplining the new girls.

When college coeds start acting like a spoiled brats with attitudes, the naughty girls get spanked.

Melanie teaches her young sorority sisters some respect with embarrassing spankings.

The new sorority pledge needs an attitude adjustment. So Melanie puts Dani Daniels over her knee, spanking her tender young ass until she learns her lesson!

Dani’s bad attitude earns her a trip over the senior sorority girl’s knee. Melanie tells that she’s needs to be spanked. Warming up her juicy freshman ass with a spanking over panties. Dani’s soft bottom reddens fast. Her panties get pulled down exposing her soft cheeks to a stinging hand spanking.

dani daniels spanked by sorority sister

The new girl still hasn’t learned to behave like a proper young lady. When Melanie learns that Dani Daniels was partying all night and didn’t return to the sorority house until morning. She’s furious and angry that the spoiled little rich girl can’t seem to follow the rules. Maybe getting spanked again will help. It’s another stingy sore red bottom spanking for Dani.

melanie taylor spanking sorority sister dani daniels

Dani’s sassy attitude gets her into trouble again. Melanie Taylor decides it’s time for a harsher punishment. Dani is bent over the bed for a well-deserved strapping. She taunts Melanie after being spanked over sweat pants. A bad idea when Melanie is wielding a stinging length of leather in her hand. Then her pants are pulled down and her curvy bottom bared for a real ass whoopin!

dani daniels spanking over sweat pants and bare bottom

Melanie can’t believe it when she catches Dani Daniels naked and sunbathing by pool. Dani decided that it’s a perfect day for some nude sunbathing. But when she’s caught, Dani is bent over the kitchen counter for flip-flop spanking. She really feels the sting this time. Naked and embarrassed as her bouncing bottom gets spanked red!

dani daniels naked spanking and slippering

Will this be the last spanking for Dani Daniels? Has she finally learned that sorority girl discipline is strict and bad behavior is punished severely? Will this naughty spoiled brat ever learn to behave?



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