Students Spanked and Sexy Schoolgirls

It’s been a busy week. I didn’t get a chance to post part two of the updates from last week. I think the this week should more than make any spanko happy! There’s some great stuff here. Alex Reynolds gets a student teacher spanking. Cute little Rosie Ann gets spanked by her daddy. The prison inmate Clove Paisley gets rope bound and interrogated with the help of the cat-o-nine tails. Plus an extra special epic schoolgirl spanking from the Clare Fonda Network. Eight sorority girls punished together when they’re caught hazing the new girl with a group spanking initiation party! And without further ado … it’s on to the spankings!


In the latest update at Northern Spanking, Rosie Ann gets caught hanging out with the wrong crowd and in the wrong places. Her father hears from a family friend that his teen daughter has been at the bus station with a bunch of delinquent teens. This isn’t the kind of behavior he expects from his teenager. He’s raised her better than that. He Rosie arrives home her dad calls is already waiting for her. He’s sitting on her bed and he has a thick rattan cane beside him! Rosie fears the cane! She’s nervous because she knows this punishment will be harsher than any she’s ever had before!

Rosie Ann Punished

Spanked By Dad Rosie Ann Northern Spanking Teen Daughter Spanked Delinquent Teen Punished Rosie Ann Spanked OTK Crying Teen Spanking Bare Bottom Teen Caning Rosie Ann Caned Teen Caned Daughter Spanking Aftercare


Her round little bottom was soundly spanked until it glowed red through her white school knickers while she grimaced and whimpered. Then she was ordered to kneel up on the bed, presenting herself for the harsher discipline she required for being such a wayward, naughty girl.

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Northern Spanking


Clover Paisley has been serving a ten year sentence for internet banking fraud. She been locked-up along time already but she still has not told the authorities the full extent of her criminal activities. They want to know exactly which bank account she hack and they devise a plan to extract the information from their prisoner. Officer Zoe Page along with officer Lewis take inmate Clover Paisley down to the basement where she’s stripped nude, her hands are bound and she’s interrogated with some help from the cat-o-nine tails! They whip the helpless naked prisoner until she provides the information they want in the most recent update at Bars and Stripes Spanking!

Clover Paisley Spanked and Interrogated

Bound and Whipped Bound Prisoner Punished


Clover Paisley Bound and Spanked

Inmate Clover Paisley is serving 10 years for internet banking fraud and the authorities want to know which bank accounts she hacked and plundered so office Lewis and Page interrogate Clover with the aid of a Cat 0 Nine Tails. She is whipped soundly until she reveals the bank account numbers.

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Bars and Stripes Spanking


Alex Reynolds has been slacking off at school. Her bad behavior and poor grades have finally caught up with her. Her teacher gives her a hard spanking over her white panties then on her bare bottom! This young student is put over her teacher’s knee and spanked on her bare ass. Her teacher, Miss Chris, decides young Alex Reynolds needs some extra incentive to behave herself. She gets the leather strap and administers some strict school discipline in her naughty student’s exposed behind in the latest update at AAA Spanking!

Alex Reynolds Spanked

Student Spanking Student Spanked by Teacher Student Teacher Spanking Alex Reynolds Punished AAA Spanking OTK Spanking Spanked OTK Bare Bottom Spanking Bare Ass Spanking Spanked Ass Ass Spanking Sore Bottom


She gave her a humiliating reminder of what happened to naughty girls; told off, made to feel how she had disappointed those that cared for her, letting herself down. This meant she would get not just an over the knee hand spanking, but one without the dignity of her white panties. She would also receive the stinging leather strap used to great effectiveness that had Alex snivelling and hoping to avoid further such mishaps by the end of her ordeal.

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AAA Spanking Videos


In the most recent update at Spanking Sorority Girls which is part of the Clare Fonda Network, Chanell Heart is the new girl. She rich and they other girls of her sorority are envious of her. They girls pick on their new sorority pledge and gang spank her! Miss Mercy Snow interrupts the girls as the sorority sisters are giving Chanell a group spanking. The ladies are caught in the act! Miss Snow has no patience for this type of bad behavior and she punishes all of the girls with otk hand spankings and then bare bottom hairbrush spankings! She reserves a special punishment for the worst offenders … a hard spanking with the sorority paddle!! All the girls are left with severely sore and reddend bottoms!!

Group Sorority Spanking

Schoolgirl Group Spanking Spanked Sorority Girls Sorority Initiation Spanking Schoolgirls Spanked Group Spankings Sorority Girls Spanked Spanked Sorority Schoolgirls Group Spanking Sorority Spanked Teens Teen Girls Spanked School Uniform Spanking Spanked in School Uniform Wild Girls Spanking Party Party Spankings School Spanking Spanked at School


A massive spanking epic with 8 sorority girls who are ordered to be nice to new, rich girl Chanell Heart. But when Miss Snow leaves, the girls gang up on Chanell and spank her. Miss Snow catches them and all of the other girls are punished, with over-the-knee spankings with hand and hairbrush, then the 3 worst girls receive the large wooden pledge paddle. Lots and lots of sore, red, marked bottoms.

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Spanking Sorority Girls Videos

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Wow sorority group spankings, student spankings, the interrogation of Clover Paisley (she’s really cute) and lovely little Rosie Ann spanked by daddy! There’s been lots of amazing spankings given out this week. I’m especially excited out the massive eight schoolgirl spanking epic from Clare Fonda Pass. Those naughty girls in their school uniforms … it’s just such a sexy spanking scene.

What was your favorite scene this week? Drop in a comment and let me know!

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