Anna Grant Spanking Gymnast

Anna Grant at Firm Hand Spanking Black girl Anna Grant gets spanked by her gymnastics coach! Anna Grant is one of the most recent additions to the line-up of girl-next-door beauties getting spanked hard on bare bottoms at Firm Hand Spanking.

She’s a beautiful black girl with a slender athletic body and a tight bottom the just begs to be spanked good and hard! It’s this kind of discipline she needs if she wants to be the best!

Anna Grant Spanked OTK

At their first meeting Coach Grey lets Anna know what’s expected of her during her training…and what will happen if she fails to exceed his expectations. When Anna Grant fails to impress her new coach, she given a taste of Mr Grey’s coaching technique with a bare bottom otk spanking on her tightly toned ebony ass!

Spanking Anna Grant OTK
This cute black gymnast still has much to learn about discipline and can benefit from regularly administered motivational spankings at the hands of her strict gym coach, Mr Earl Grey.

Anna Grant Gymnast Dressed in her spandex uniform, Anna practices her gymnastics routine. Her ebony skin shining lightly with sweat that accentuates her toned body.

Coach Grey is always watching. He keeps a close eye on his girls. Anna’s timekeeping appears a bit off and the coach is ready to give her a motivational spanking that she needs to succeed!

Black Gymnast Spanked OTK

Anna Grant is immediately put over the knee and spanked in her tight spandex gymnast uniform. Her black bottom gets hard bare handed smacks from the firm hand of her coach. Her tight black booty quickly becomes sore as her otk spanking increases in intensity. Anna learns that her coach is serious about disciplining her and that she must step up her game!

Spanked Black Girl

Anna Grant Spanking When Anna messes up her routine Coach Grey is there to discipline her. Her insolent attitude infuriates him. Anna is scolded and lectured.

Coach Grey grabs his punishment paddle. This is a special paddle used for occasions such as this where naughty girls are in need of extra discipline!

Anna Grant is stripped of her gym shorts and forced to put her hands against the wall. Once in position disciplinary punishments are administered with a bare bottom paddling on Anna’s firm buttocks!

Paddling Anna Grant Gymnast

Black gymnast Anna Grant gets her tight ebony bottom spanked and paddled hard for her bad behavior! Her coach has no patience for lazy and insolent girls. Her black booty gets hard smacks with bare hand and leather paddle!

Paddled Anna Grant


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