Daddy Spanking Teen Daughter

Here’s some father daughter spanking pics from AAA Spanking. Naughty teen daughter Mishka Devlin fakes being sick too many times. Her penchant for faking illness has her strict daddy very unhappy. This time she’s caught red handed…or should I say red bottomed!. Daddy’s intuition is always right and he take her rectal temperature proving that she’s been lying about being sick. She’s about to feel the strict domestic discipline of daddy’s firm hand on her bare teen bottom. Now on to strict daddy spanking teen daughter in pyjamas punishment…

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Her pyjamas bottoms down already a bare hand spanking is immediately administered to her bare teen bottom. She takes every bare handed smack on her round teen ass as her bare bottom turns red. Daddy decides it’s time to increase the intensity of this father daughter spanking and retrieves his trusty leather strap. Mishka bent over on all fours for her bare bottom strapping punishment…

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As this daddy spanking teen daughter continues Mishka cries tears of pain. Daddy says no crocodile tears little girl. You’ve earned this punishment with your unoriginal lies. Faking sick is such an overused excuse for getting out of school and daddy wasn’t born yesterday. Hold that position for your bare bottom strapping little girl…

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A hard strapping punishment for lying teen daughter. Daddy spanks his teen daughter with his leather strap in her bare teen ass as she crys out for her pyjamas spanking punishment to end. But the strict father has no intention of ending this naughty teens painful punishment early. This firm disciplinarian is just getting started spanking his teen daughter’s bottom and he won’t quit yet…

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Mishka shows of her severe strapping marks glowing bright red on her white teen ass. Daddy knows he’s done a good job of disciplining his lying teen daughter. Her father daughter spanking leaves her bottom sore and red!

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