Hot Lesbian Spanking Punishment

Hot Lesbian Spanking Punishment

Hot lesbians forced to spank each other as punishment at Punished Brats!

Adriana Evans and Mandie Rae are girlfriends who’ve been out for a night on the town drinking and enjoying each others company. The girls are really enjoying their night together. When they return home, neither of the ladies is ready for their night to end. The girls are spinning, bubbly from the alcohol. They can feel the sexual tension. It’s not long until soft kissing leads them into the bedroom and clothes start coming off! Adriana gets her favorite vibrator and gives Mandie a mind blowing orgasm that soaks her panties!!

Right then Adriana’s husband busts in through the door!

He’s not happy catching his wife in bed someone else, even if it’s a woman.

Dominic gives the girls an ultimatum. Either they can punish each other with hot spankings or he will tell Mandie’s ultra religious father about her sinful sexual escapades with his wife!

Lesbians Caught and Forced to Spank Each Other As Punishment!

Hot Lesbian OTK Spanking

Hot Bare Bottom Lesbian Spanking

Reluctantly, Adriana puts her girlfriend Mandie Rae over her knee. As her husband watches, Mandie’s panties are pulled down exposing her virgin bottom. Her tight white ass is a blank canvas ready to be painted cherry red!

After a few hard swats of Adriana’s hand on her bare bottom, Mandie’s exposed ass heats up and begins to glow. Her bottom stings but in a good way. She likes the warm sting in her bottom and the wetness in her panties too!

Lesbian Spanked OTK

Hot Lesbians Spanking Panties Down OTK

Now that Mandie Rae has been thoroughly punished, it’s Adriana’s turn to go over the knee.

Dominic orders his young wife to bare her bottom. She reluctantly agrees as the alternative is getting an even harder spanking from her husband.

Mandie begins spanking her softly but Adriana’s husband is watching and won’t allow her to go easy on his wife. As her bottom warms from the smacks on her round ass, she feels another kind of warmth spreading between her legs.

Adriana Evans Spanked OTK By Mandie Rae

Hot Lesbian Hand Spanking Punishment

Adriana’s husband has unwittingly increased the sexual tension between the two girls. Spanking each other’s bare bottom really turns both girls on. The sound of a bare hand smacking exposed fleshy bottoms and the feel the soft buttocks warming is just too hot to ignore.

When their mutual punishment spanking ends, Dominic sends both girls into the corner with red and sore bottoms on display. Little does he know that the want to fuck each other now more than ever!

Lesbian Spanking Cornertime Punishment

Sore Bottom Lesbian Kissing After Spanking Punishment

The introduction of a hot lesbian spanking punishment has sexually excited to girls more than he could even imagine. As her turns to leave the room, the girls kiss, their panties soaking wet. The girls secretly plan to continue their sexual lesbian spanking experience as soon as they can be alone together again!




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