Real High School Paddling

Real High School Padding Punishment

Three naughty schoolgirls are summoned to the teacher’s lounge for a real high school paddling punishment at! A severe corporal punishment is need to cure these bad girls. They’ve been warned about breaking the school rules and strict discipline is necessary.

The young ladies are instructed to bend over the conference table. A heavy wooden paddle is used to administer a hard paddling on tight jeans. Each of the girls takes multiple stinging swats of the paddle, warming their tender bottoms and beginning this school discipline session with a thwak!

3 High School Girls Paddled Hard

3 schoolgirls paddled over panties

Mr. Masterson is the school dean. He is in charge of administering the necessary punishments and makes sure that the offenders are properly punished. When he is finished punishing these naughty brats their teenage bottoms will be so red and sore, they won’t be able to sit for weeks!

school paddling on panties

Humiliation is a necessary part of any proper punishment. And this high school spanking is no exception. Each of the naughty young ladies must pull down her jeans and expose their panty covered bottoms. These sweet sting of the paddle burns their tender asses. A hard paddling over panties is the next phase of this humiliating school punishment!

schoolgirls spanked panties down

Bent over the table, the naughty schoolgirls are already feeling the sting in their bottoms. Being humiliated even further as two teachers witness the dean administering harsh punishments. The instruction comes and the high school girls are ordered to drop their panties and expose their already reddened bottoms!

Panties down paddling in school

Dean Masterson swiftly disciplines the schoolgirls with hard swats of the large wooden paddle. Stinging their young bottoms with each smack on tender fleshy bums. The girls are completely vulnerable and exposed. It’s a humiliating punishment for the naughty teen girls.

high school girls spanked bare bottom with heavy wooden paddle

The ladies are left with bright red and very sore bottoms as they reflect on the bad behavior that caused the school to administer such a severe corporal punishment. They will have to think twice about their unruly behavior in the future and a hot red stinging bottom will serve a proper reminder of what happens when you misbehave!



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