Reform School Spanking Jodi Biltmore

Here’s a recent update from FirmHandSpanking. These Reform School Spanking pics featuring spanking starlet Jodi Biltmore are from the disciplinary teen spanking video titled “Academy”. In the girls reform school academy naughty teens are punished with disciplinary spankings whenever the misbehave. And naughty teen Jodi Biltmore has been a naughty girl getting the attention of the strict headmaster. He puts Miss Biltmore up against the wall for some disciplinary spanking on her bare teen bottom. With his wooden paddle the strict headmaster spanks Jodi’s bare bottom until she’s a nice shade of red!

The beautiful Jodi Biltmore holds her strict headmaster’s spanking paddle before she forced against the wall. With her hands against the wall Jodi’s disciplinary spanking punishment begins. The heavy hand of her strict reform school’s headmaster paddles her teen ass with multiple swats of his heavy wooden spanking paddle. Redden her beautiful round bare teen bottom more and more with every smack. The 12 swats of the paddle that little miss Biltmore receives warm her pert bottom as she counts aloud.

This girls reform school academy is known for its strict discipline. Headmaster Eric Strickman knows how to keep these naughty reform school girls in line with strict disciplinary spanking punishments on their tight teen bottoms. Naughty teens must be punished and this strict disciplinarian keeps the firm hand of discipline applied at all times. Jodi Biltmore’s bare bottom is spanked red from 12 swats of the paddle. Her bare teen bottom sore and bruised from this painful disciplinary spanking punishment at the girls reform school. This naughty schoolgirl has been given a very memorable lesson in the art of discipline. Preview Jodi Biltmore’s Teen Schoolgirl Spanking Video here.

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