Strapped On Her Bare Bottom

Amelia Jane Rutherford strapped on her bare bottom in the recent update at Firm Hand Spanking. Amelia is in the witness protection program. She gets caught making an illicit phone call. The detective charged with her safety decides she must be punished to learn. Miss Rutherford gets a hard bare bottom strapping!

Nude and exposed to the sting of the strap! A pretty face, long legs and pert bottom won’t excuse bad behavior. There’s no talking her way out of this. Her punishment is coming and there’s nothing she can do to stop it!

She must learn to follow the rules. Strapped on the bare, Amelia Jane learns to hard way to obey authority. Taken into the bathroom and stripped nude. She’s ordered into the bathtub shower with water running. Now completely naked and helpless. She learns how to properly behave with when Detective Grey gives her 46 strokes on the bare with his belt!

See unruly Amelia Rutherford strapped on her bare bottom with leather belt. Disobeying authority figures earns her bare bottom strapping nude in shower. Her wet bottom strapped increasing the sting of her strapping punishment. When she fails to follow orders she’s disciplined quickly. Her full strapping on her bare bottom can be seen in real hd video at Firm Hand Spanking!

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