Wife Domestic Discipline Spanking Audrey Sugarsmack

This Naughty Wifes Domestic Discipline Spanking featuring spanking starlet Audrey Sugarsmack comes from the Punished Brats Spanking video titled “Charge It!”. In this Audrey Sugarsmack domestic discipline spanking scene Miss Sugarsmack plays naughty young housewife who continually misbehaves. Her constant overspending has gotten the attention of her husband, a strict disciplinarian who immediately issues her home discipline on her pert bare bottom leaving her bottom painfully sore and red with strapping marks. Naughty wife Audrey feels the sweet sting of the strap from her domestic disciplinary spanking punishment.

Audrey Sugarsmack usually gets her way with her husband by shaking her pert bottom and appealing to his sexual side. As she’s a hot young trophy wife she teases her husband and controls him with her sexy curves, round pert bottom and tight wet pussy. However this time her husband decides that sexually dominating his hot young wife won’t be enough discipline and a more strict punishment is in order. As he pulls her pretty panties down and prepares to discipline his naughty wife, Audrey says “In this position with my panties down like this there must be something else you’d rather do than spank me?”

Little Miss Sugarsmack’s strict husband will not back down this time and she’s ordered to bend over the chair with her bottom bare prepared for the home disciplinary spanking correction that coming. As she touches her toes preparing for the sting of bare hand spankings on her pert bare bottom her tight twat becomes wet with pleasure from the dominance of stern disciplinarian husband.

With her pretty pert bare bottom sore from bare hand spanking, it’s time to raise the stakes and break out the strap for this naughty wifes strapping domestic discipline. Her home disciplinary strapping begins in earnest and Audrey yelps in pain, telling her strict husband she’s learned her lesson but her knows better than that, with each stinging stroke of the strap her bare bottom reddens becoming painfully sore, she screams in severe strapping pain.

This misbehaving housewife gets strapping of her young life in this home discipline spanking session. Once her strict husband feels she’s had enough domestic discipline he orders her into the corner for cornertime punishment to show off her exposed red bare bottom and think about what she’s done! As she stand in her cornertime punishment Audrey thinks to herself “I hope the maid doesn’t come in while I’m standing her in the corner with my sore red bare bottom exposed”!

Here’s a bonus animated spanking gif featuring the domestic discipline of naughty house wife Audrey Sugarsmack from the PunishedBrats Spanking Video ChargeIt! This animated spanking gif shows Miss Sugarsmack with her bare bottom punished leaving her round housewife ass exposed red and sore from this strictly adminstered bare hand spanking from her strict disciplinarian husband who will not take any more of her bratty behavior from his misbehaving wife!

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